919601014 – did you get call from this Number

More than 13,000 users have reported in many forums and web pages that they have received at least one call from the number 919601014. A good part of the testimonies that we have been able to find on the net indicate the alleged commercial nature of the call, however, the majority of they question its veracity due to the practices associated with the line.

A simple Google search helps us to find out some of the testimonies that circulate on the Internet in relation to 919 60 10 14, but who does it really belong to?

Orange, Jazztel, Yoigo, Vodafone and Endesa are just some of the companies that users point to as allegedly responsible for the call. The way to proceed seems to vary depending on the operator, from “personalized” offers and discounts to substantial increases in the amount of the invoice. The objective could be related to the fraudulent contracting of services, according to several users. To this we must add that companies like Yoigo are already investigating the making of calls on their behalf in response to various complaints made by users on Twitter.