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Adhere to these guidelines to login to your EZVIZ Switch.

Associate switch link to your PC or PC. On the other hand utilize your remote organization.

Proposal – Utilizing a wired association while setting up the EZVIZ router is ideal. This dodges the gamble of unexpectedly being logged off while saving your changes.

Open your internet browser of decision and type IP address of your EZVIZ switch in the location bar. You can find the ip address on the rear of your switch.

Presently enter the default username and secret key of your switch by getting to the administrator board. On the off chance that you don’t have your username and secret word, you can attempt one of the default passwords for EZVIZ switches.


Failed to remember Login Secret key?

Make a good attempt resetting your switch login. To do this, press and hold the little dark button found at the back your switch for about 10 seconds. This will reset your switch to the manufacturing plant settings.
Switch login page not stacking? On the off chance that the login page isn’t stacking, ensure the gadget you are utilizing is associated with the wi-fi. You will likewise have to check in the event that some unacceptable switch IP address is set as the default one.
In some cases pages, may have issues stacking, or issues with speed. For this situation, your organization is presumably utilizing an alternate IP address. Assuming this happens, counsel our IP address switch list, and find the right location. Assuming you want any assistance, look at our instructional exercise on the best way to find your switch’s IP address.